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Our Olympia divorce attorneys are ready to help you navigate the complexities of your family law case.

If you’re considering an Olympia divorce, then you likely have a lot of questions about what the eventual outcome will be.  While there is no way to peek into the future to see how a divorce might be resolved, our Olympia divorce lawyers can help you get an in-depth understanding of how your situation applies to Washington family law.

When you make the choice to file for an Olympia divorce, it is the first of many decisions that will dramatically impact the future of everyone in your family.  When the stakes are this high you need to be sure that you’re getting divorce counsel that will help you make good decisions, benefitting you and your children.

Our experienced and dedicated Olympia divorce attorneys have decades of combined experience providing their clients with reliable family law guidance.  If you can completely trust the advice that your Olympia attorney gives you, then you can trust that your decisions will be wise.  Some of these divorce decisions will likely revolve around sensitive subjects that can include alimony, Olympia property division, child support, child custody, and the division of high value assets.

We handle all Thurston County divorce and family law matters, including all of the following:

What sets our Olympia divorce attorneys apart?

When you work with any of our skilled and professional attorneys in Olympia, you are essentially working with our entire team of experienced lawyers.  They will protect your rights while helping you transition toward a new life, by compassionately addressing your emotional needs.  They understand that an Olympia divorce will be a challenging experience that can often make it feel like your world is falling apart.  We consider it or responsibility to address these issues so that you can be sound of mind when making hard choices on behalf of your Olympia family.

Some Olympia residents are tempted to try and go through a divorce without professional representation.  They might seek out free online sources for bits and pieces of divorce information, or even ask nonprofessionals and Olympia friends for advice.  In an effort to save a few dollars they will likely spend more in the long run by overlooking essential legal information, or be forced to deal with the emotional aftermath of decisions that negatively impact their future.

For the very reason that you will have to make tough choices, you want to be sure that you have skilled Olympia divorce lawyers protecting your rights, your family, and your future.

Contact our divorce and family law offices in Olympia for an initial case evaluation today, and start getting the information you need to plan a secure future.  Our Olympia divorce professionals will be at your side from start to finish, providing you with trustworthy counsel based on the law and your personal needs.

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The Mount St. Helens Visitor Center is an especially good day trip. Another very popular day trip is at the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve. And, of course, there’s also the phenomenal Olympic National Park.

If you live in Olympia, your divorce and family law case will be heard at the Thurston County Superior Court. The Family Law and Juvenile Court have their own special local rules and forms.

If you live in Thurston County and are considering trying to get divorced without an attorney, you will want to visit the Washington State Court’s page with Dissolution forms, information, and instructions. Another great source of information is the Washington Law Help library.

An Olympia divorce attorney from our legal team can help you resolve your family law issues.

When you are suddenly faced with the prospect of an Olympia divorce, there are numerous questions that run through your mind.  Mostly, you wonder about when your Olympia divorce will be resolved, and how the process unfolds.

Once the decision to get a divorce is made, many other choices will soon follow that will have a dramatic impact on you and your Olympia family.  Because these decisions will be some of the most important you’ll ever have to make, you want to be sure that you are getting trustworthy legal counsel from a qualified Olympia divorce lawyer.

With decades of collective experience with Washington family law, every Olympia divorce attorney at our law firm knows what it takes to help clients define and achieve their goals.  Once this is done, your Olympia lawyer takes the time to make sure you are fully informed about how the law applies to every decision you make during divorce negotiations.  Obviously, some divorce choices will be tougher than others, especially if they involve children, Olympia property, or alimony.

For separated couples facing family law issues that are not divorce-related, professional guidance is also recommended.  When you face sudden issues like paternity or changes in support maintenance, an Olympia divorce lawyer from our law firm can help you work through the challenge.

Your Olympia divorce attorney will help you deal with difficult emotional situations.

By retaining one of our Olympia attorneys, you are essentially securing the services of an entire team of experienced family law professionals.  Along with protecting your legal rights, they will monitor your emotional requirements as you make the difficult transition into your new life in Olympia.  This is vital during an Olympia divorce, because making good choices requires that your emotional condition be sound and reliable.  You have tough choices to make throughout your Olympia divorce, and your family is depending on you.

Some people believe that they can find enough snippets of information on the internet, and advice from friends, to represent themselves during an Olympia divorce.  Unfortunately, this kind of divorce information can be unreliable or downright misleading.  Only a qualified Olympia legal professional with years of real-world experience can offer you legal counsel that is up to date and designed to be of aid during your particular divorce proceedings.

Don’t run the risk of having regrets down the line – make sure you work with an Olympia divorce lawyer that will protect your rights, and your family’s future at all times.

Contact our Olympia law firm today for an initial evaluation, and enjoy a private setting to discuss your worries and concerns.  Start getting the facts about your Olympia divorce, and then make a decision regarding the professional representation that you believe best suits your situation.

Our Washington Uncontested divorce attorneys can help you today.

For most people, a divorce causes a great deal of stress and emotional pain.  When kids are involved this effect is compounded.  However, some couples seek a more amicable method of dissolving a marriage, and our Washington uncontested divorce lawyers can be of assistance during this process.

The advantages of an uncontested divorce are twofold: the parties involved have complete control over the outcome, and they save money.  Still, even when couples enter into divorce proceedings with common goals, obstacles can present themselves.  This is when it helps to have qualified Washington attorneys working to keep the process moving forward, for the good of everyone involved.

Almost everyone qualifies for an uncontested divorce, as long as they are willing to agree on the terms of the divorce, which will then have to be approved by a judge.  These kinds of divorces are especially beneficial for children, as opposed to divorce cases where custody and child support issues turn into a heated, drawn out fight.

Our Olympia lawyers can assist you throughout the process, while compassionately helping you transition into your new life.  While no divorce is ever easy, this method of dissolving a marriage is far easier to resolve in a timely and efficient manner.

Contact one of our Olympia divorce lawyers for an initial case evaluation.

If you would like to find out if an uncontested divorce could work for you, then you can get some information from one of our legal professionals without making any kind of commitment.  We offer a free consultation with one of our Washington uncontested divorce attorneys so that you can decide what would be best for you and your family.

If you retain an attorney from our Olympia divorce and family law offices they will help you with all of your paperwork, filing with the court, and in dealing with your ex-spouse and their lawyer.  For many people, an uncontested divorce is the perfect answer to an unfortunate situation.

Contact our office today and get more facts about uncontested divorce.  Our team of attorneys has decades of combined experience handling all kinds of divorce cases, and we are ready to help you resolve your situation.

Experienced and aggressive Washington State family law lawyers.

Need an Olympia divorce attorney skilled at litigation?

Experienced Olympia Divorce Attorneys for Your Family

Are you under pressure from an approaching Olympia state divorce case (or “dissolution of marriage” action)?  Our firm of experienced Olympia divorce attorneys knows that when you’re involved in a divorce, you have a lot to handle.  You need answers to the kinds of questions that can keep you up at night:  How do I handle child custody?  What will happen to our house?  Our cars?  Our things?  Will there be alimony or spousal maintenance?  Child support?  How will I pay my bills?  How will divorce affect my life here in Olympia?

Divorce attorneys with our firm are capable, experienced Olympia family law practitioners, and a simple consultation with one of our highly-skilled Thurston County divorce attorneys can provide answers to practically any question you have about Olympia divorce.  The attorneys available from our firm have years of practice, focusing on divorces and related matters that can affect your family during a divorce.

Olympia Divorce Attorneys who Care

Our Olympia divorce attorneys are dedicated to providing solutions that work for your family and ease the difficulty of this transition.  While you don’t necessarily have to hire a divorce lawyer, in the average Olympia divorce, attorneys can make all the difference when it comes to issues like temporary and permanent child custody, temporary and permanent child support, temporary and permanent parenting plans, use of property, use of vehicles, community and separate property rights, spousal maintenance (alimony) and allocation of marital debts.

Olympia Divorce Attorneys who Offer Legal Expertise

In Olympia, divorce attorneys like those on our team are extremely proficient at squeezing every advantage out of complex Olympia divorce laws that use hazy standards like best interests or fairness or appropriateness under the circumstances.  To serve you better in your Olympia divorce, attorneys with our firm pay close attention to developments in divorce law across the country that could aid our clients in Olympia, and divorce attorneys employed by us constantly supplement and refine their divorce law educations, in order to hone our expertise in utilizing Olympia divorce law concepts for your benefit.

Olympia Divorce Attorneys who Solve Problems

Our Olympia divorce lawyers set out with one ultimate goal:  To apply what we know to your situation, so that we can create the best final solution to get your family through the often long and difficult trek that is a Thurston County divorce.  Attorneys with our firm will work closely with you to develop the divorce goals that you are comfortable with, and then our Olympia family law attorneys will do everything within our power to obtain the outcome you desire.

Olympia Divorce Attorneys with a Unique Approach

Often, the best course in a divorce case is to allow one of our experienced Washington State divorce attorneys to forcefully, but pragmatically negotiate your divorce based on what you told us was most important to you personally, while engaging in all-out litigation only on an as-needed basis.  This skilful, take-charge approach has been perfected over the course of decades years by our family law attorneys, and we are frequently able to achieve your objectives with the least amount of stress and expense to you and your family.

On the other hand, our Olympia divorced attorneys take a firm hand, when it comes to dealing with a spouse who cannot negotiate fairly.  The Thurston County divorce lawyers on our team of expert divorce litigators know the ropes of Olympia divorce laws, procedures, and local court rules, and one of our Washington State family law lawyers will not hesitate to aggressively pursue court intervention to protect you and your children.

Olympia Divorce Attorneys who Respect You

Our firm of Olympia divorce attorneys is composed of serious, compassionate divorce attorneys who respect your need to receive updates on the progress of your divorce case.  Attorneys who work with us believe that communication is a fundamental duty that an attorney owes to a client.

From beginning to end, and beyond, you will find our Olympia divorce attorneys to be open, communicative, and available to you.  You’ll never have to wait an unreasonable time for a return call or wonder what is happening in your Olympia divorce.  Attorneys with our firm believe that the more you know about the divorce process you are undergoing, and the more information that we acquire from you through our many conversations, the more likely it is that our Olympia divorce lawyers can guide you successfully through the uncertainty of divorce.

Even when your divorce court case is finished, our Thurston County family law lawyers will continue to offer assistance designed to help you weather the life transition experience that is an Olympia divorce.  Attorneys with our firm don’t consider your case to be over until you no longer need our help.  From referrals to banks, realtors, physicians, schools, or child psychologists, our Olympia divorce attorneys continue to travel that extra mile with you, until you’ve settled into your new life.

Give us a call today, and schedule a time to meet with one of the Thurston County divorce attorneys who offer you experience, options, and respect.

Divorce Attorneys serving Olympia, Washington and all of Thurston County. Family law lawyers fighting to protect you, your children, and your assets.

A Caring, Trustworthy Olympia Divorce Attorney

If you’re looking for information about your Washington State divorce, the tide of conflicting divorce advice that you get from friends and associates, even from the internet, can be bewildering. A meeting with the right Olympia divorce attorney can provide your first clear view on crucial questions, like how an Olympia divorce will affect your children, your property, and your entire lifestyle.

An experienced Olympia divorce attorney from our firm can quickly provide the real answers you need on your individual issues. Whether you meet with us only once or you let one of our divorce lawyers take care of you throughout your divorce case, our Thurston County family law attorneys provide dependable legal advice that you can trust.

An Olympia divorce attorney who listens

The Olympia divorce attorneys with our firm know that most people experiencing a Olympia “dissolution of marriage” action (the legal name for divorce in Olympia) usually aren’t sure how a divorce begins, where it all ends, or what happens in between. Our Thurston County divorce attorneys take the time to explain the answers you need to hear, ensuring that you get a clear picture of where you stand.

Our Olympia divorce and family law legal services’ firm understands that the decision to end your marriage is incredibly difficult and the immediate consequences are overwhelming. A divorce lawyer should begin by listening and helping to clarify your most troubling issues. Our Olympia divorce lawyers know that you are worried about what happens to the children, the property, and the bills in a Thurston County divorce. Attorneys with our firm will ask you what should happen. We think you know what’s best for your family. If what you want is possible, our Olympia family law lawyers know how to get it for you.

A clear, understandable Olympia divorce attorney

Our Olympia divorce lawyers set a much higher goal than merely getting you divorced. We want to get you through your divorce with the least amount of personal damage to you, your kids, and your life. With years of experience practicing Washington State divorce law, the attorneys from our offices will cut through the legalese to provide trustworthy explanations that make sense.

Our Olympia divorce and family law attorneys want you to understand your available options on divorce issues like temporary and permanent child custody, child support, community and separate property rights, spousal maintenance (alimony) and allocation of marital debts.

Formulating goals with your Olympia divorce attorney

Your divorce attorney will ask a long series of questions about you, your children, your property and debts, your ability to support yourself, and what your marriage was like. Before we start talking, we listen intently to your answers, because our Olympia family law attorneys believe that the best divorce counselling can only come after we thoroughly understand you. Working together, you and your Olympia divorce attorney can formulate reachable divorce goals and plan to attain them.

When your divorce first begins, your Thurston County divorce lawyer may advise you to handle urgent matters by seeking divorce court orders for temporary relief on issues like child custody, child support, access to homes, use of vehicles and bank accounts, and payment of spousal maintenance and marital debts.

Temporary orders obtained at the beginning of your divorce will regulate and control matters while the divorce is ongoing, and third parties (like schools or banks) sometimes require them. Where possible, you and your spouse can and should agree on the content of the temporary orders. After all, no one knows you and your family like you. Who better to divide up the assets and agree on a parenting plan with than your soon to be ex-spouse? Plus, you will save a ton of cash this way too. The only people who really benefit through extended litigation are the lawyers.

An effective, thorough Olympia divorce attorney

An Olympia divorce lawyer chosen from our firm will fully explain available ways to handle permanent divorce issues. Divorce cases are usually different from other court cases, where each side fights hard to win the most from the other. One side rarely wins all in an Olympia divorce.

Attorneys with our firm have the experience to advise you when to fight and when to negotiate. Our Olympia family law lawyers know from long practice that a combination of reasonable negotiation and strategic trips to court normally produce the best outcome in an Olympia divorce.

Attorneys who care about your real goals recognize that, while court battles can help purge some anger, they can also create much additional stress for you and especially for children, who are so closely attached to your opponent. Not every court win is good for your ultimate goals. Our Thurston County divorce attorneys can offer innovative solutions that often produce results more desirable than the remedies available in divorce court.

On the other hand, our seasoned Olympia divorce attorneys are well-equipped to handle a spouse who won’t negotiate reasonably. The attorneys with our firm know Washington divorce law, and our divorce lawyers have real experience practicing as litigation-focused divorce lawyers. We know how to argue cases determined by complex legal concepts like “fairness” and the “best interests of the children”, both of which applicable in a Washington State divorce. The attorneys with our firm go to court planning to win, and we fight hard in court to protect you and your children.

The Olympia divorce lawyers with our firm stick around for you when the divorce seems over. If you continue to need help adjusting to the transition of life after divorce, your Washington State divorce attorney can refer you to outside services and assistance. We want to be there for you until you stop needing us.

Call now to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Olympia divorce attorneys.

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Dealing with the stress of a divorce can be difficult, but an Olympia divorce attorney can help.

If you live in Olympia and are considering a divorce then you likely have many questions about what to expect. While it is impossible to predict how a divorce will be resolved, our Olympia divorce lawyers can help you better understand how your situation is categorized under Washington family law.

When you finally reach a decision to get a divorce in Olympia, it will soon be followed by more choices that will directly affect your family. Obviously, the choices you make during the divorce process matter, so you want to be sure that you are getting reliable legal counsel.

Every Olympia divorce attorney from our law firm is part of an experienced team of litigators with decades of combined experience. When you are confident that you’re getting solid legal counsel from your Olympia attorney then you can trust that your decisions are good ones. Some of your most difficult choices will likely involve common Olympia divorce issues like spousal maintenance, child support, property division, and child custody.

Also, there are sometimes issues that affect separated or former partners that fall outside of a typical divorce. Our Olympia divorce lawyers can be of assistance when you face these complex issues that include annulments, military divorce, and paternity questions, among others.

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Why choose an Olympia divorce attorney from our law firm?

When you select one of our Olympia attorneys to represent your interests, you are working with an entire team of skilled and experienced litigators. Your rights will be protected at all times, and they will help you with your emotional needs as you adjust to your new life. Our Olympia legal professionals know that a divorce can be emotionally devastating and that there will be times when moving forward seems almost impossible. We take this responsibility very seriously because we recognize that your state of mind must be sound as you make tough choices for your Olympia family.

While it might be tempting to try and handle your own Olympia divorce to save money, this course of action usually leads to regret. When you rely on bits and pieces of information from the internet when attempting to negotiate an Olympia divorce, you are at the mercy of opinion rather than legal fact. Bad information can cost you more than just money – it can lead to poor decisions during divorce negotiations that adversely affect your Olympia family for years to come.

Our Olympia divorce lawyers will protect your legal rights, family, and future by providing you with reliable legal information when difficult choices have to be made.

Contact our Olympia office for a confidential free case evaluation and start getting facts and in-depth information regarding your divorce. Our Olympia divorce professionals understand how important your family is to you, and we will do everything we can to represent your interests.

Jason S. Newcombe

The Law Offices of Jason S. Newcombe has been handling Washington State divorce and family law cases for over two decades now. And, we understand how every divorce affects our clients on the deepest and most personal level. Jason is passionate about his work, and he genuinely cares about his clients and the results that he achieves for them. All of the Washington State divorce attorneys that work with Jason and his team are exceptional lawyers who pride themselves on being results oriented and cost effective.  Jason has been an over achiever for most of his life.  As an undergraduate, he accomplished a quadruple major while attending the University of Oregon Honors College.  He then graduated summa cum laude (Top 5%) from Boston College Law School. Read Bio