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Our Everett Divorce Attorneys are ready to help you with the difficult decisions ahead.

If you are facing, or even just contemplating a divorce, you no doubt have a lot of questions about your legal rights and what will happen after your divorce is filed. Our Everett divorce and family law lawyers are here to help. Our Snohomish County divorce attorneys have decades of combined experience helping hundreds of clients through the difficult and complex Washington State divorce process.

Throughout the divorce process decisions will have to be made – decisions that will affect you and the people you care most about. An Everett divorce will put into motion a series of events that will require tough choices. Some of the more common elements of a divorce are child custody issues, property division, and alimony (spousal support).

The City of Everett is a beautiful place to live, to work, and to raise a family. Sometimes, however, a marriage fails. Often, it’s no one’s fault. Circumstances change, people change, feelings change. If this is where you and your spouse find yourself, it is often better to simply recognize the truth and move forward. We encourage clients to reconcile whenever they believe that it can happen. In our experience, however, most broken things stay broken.

When emotions are charged, you need a steady hand on the wheel of your divorce proceedings.

Situations will likely arise about which you and your spouse disagree, and this could lead to feelings of resentment or acting out. Making hard decisions is a lot easier when you understand Washington family law, and our Everett divorce lawyers can help you build a solid foundation for your case based on legal principle.

Our Everett divorce attorneys understand the emotional turmoil a divorce can cause both adults and children alike. Our approach to representing our Everett divorce clients is a compassionate one, because we want to help them along as they consider some of the most important decisions they will ever make.

Some of the questions you might be asking yourself are:

Every divorce situation is unique and that is why our Everett divorce lawyers will focus on your case individually, so that you get the personal care and attention you and your family deserve.

Occasionally, cases come up where the parties are completely underwater financially. In these kinds of situations, we always bring in a bankruptcy attorneys to assist with the case. All Everett bankruptcy cases are filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Washington. And, all 341 hearings are heard at the Everett Transit Station.

While you are in Everett, there are a lot of fantastic things to do. The Angel of the Winds Arena is always a good place to start. The Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum is always a great place to visit. The Shack Art Center is always a good bet too. Another great place to visit is Howarth Park. Jetty Island is also a fantastic day trip for the whole family.

Our Everett divorce and family law legal services offices are actually just up the street from the Angel of the Winds Arena. We’re only one block from the Snohomish County Superior Court, which is where your case will be filed. We have been handling Snohomish County divorce and family law matters for over two decades now. We know the local courts and we know the local rules. Let us help you build a bridge to a new life.

We will be with you every step of the way. Our family law attorneys are aggressive and affordable advocates for those in need of skilled representation. A good Everett divorce attorney not only knows the laws of this state, but also the Snohomish County Superior Court local rules involving family law cases. Regardless of the divorce or family law matter that you face, our attorneys have the resources and the experience to help you achieve your most important goals, whatever they may be.

Our Everett divorce attorneys have the experience needed to protect your legal rights.

Each choice that must be made during your Everett divorce process will have an effect on your life well into the future. Delineating a clear path toward resolving your divorce case is paramount to making good choices, so one of the first steps we will take is to ascertain and define your goals.

This list of goals will act as a roadmap as we negotiate with your spouse and their Everett divorce attorney, so that you can be confident you are acting in the best interests of your Everett family. In situations where a spouse is indifferent to a fair-minded approach, we will aggressively seek legal alternatives in dealing with them according to Washington family law.

We will evaluate your Everett divorce case without cost or obligation.

To get some answers that apply to your specific set of circumstances you can contact one of our Everett legal professionals today for a free case evaluation. This private and confidential consultation will provide you with answers pertinent to your divorce or family law matter.

If you decide to work with one of our Everett divorce lawyers they help you though this difficult process, and assist you in making the transition into your new life.

Looking for a Washington Divorce Lawyer that can help you get some answers about the law?

There is a great deal of confusion when it comes to Washington divorce law. Understanding Washington divorce law is of the utmost importance when dealing with situations that involve spousal maintenance, property division, child custody and support. The court’s decisions are likely going to have a large impact on your life when your Snohomish County divorce is over, so it’s important to make sure your interests are protected.

Unfortunately, going through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved and emotional stress can cause a person to lose sight of the goals they hope to accomplish. In many ways, the role of your Washington divorce lawyer is to keep you on task, always aware of the things you define as being most important.  When you work with a lawyer from our Everett divorce and family law offices, from the outset they help you clearly define your goals and then get started helping you to meet them.

This process may not always be easy. Divorce negotiations are sometimes emotionally charged with feelings of resentment, or worry about being treated unfairly. Washington divorce law is also somewhat ambiguous at times, and this is so that Washington judges have a great deal of leeway when rendering judgments. This underscores how important it is to maintain an air of civility when conducting negotiations, because it will ultimately be more productive for you to determine what is best for your family instead of a Washington judge who knows nothing about you or your children.

Talk to a Washington Divorce Lawyer today with no risk or obligation.

Our Everett law firm takes a unique approach to divorce law because we work as a team while representing our clients throughout every aspect of the process, helping them to transition into their new lives.

You can start down the path toward your new life today by contacting a lawyer from our Snohomish County divorce offices for an initial consultation. They will answer your questions, and take a special interest in your unique situation. If you choose to retain one of our Everett lawyers, they will immediately begin the process of working with you to define your goals, and be at your side throughout the entire divorce process.

Your choice of Washington State Family Law Attorney is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.

A divorce is one of the toughest challenges anyone can endure. In every divorce there is much at stake, and this is especially true if children are involved. How issues such as child custody and child support are resolved will have lifelong implications. Even after a divorce, family law issues can arise that require professional legal guidance. For these reasons, the attorney you choose must be one that you trust to thoroughly protect your interests.

Our team of Everett family law professionals is poised to help you with your divorce, along with these important family law matters. When it come to the law, nothing is more important than experience. It is important for you to retain an attorney who will treat your case with the individual attention it demands.

Emotions often run high in family law proceedings, and it’s easy to understand why. Your attorney should be qualified to help you understand Washington law, while assisting you in maintaining focus where it is most demanded.

Contact our law office today for a free consultation concerning your family law case.

With so many variables, it can be hard knowing where to start when considering a divorce. We offer a free case evaluation with one of our Washington State divorce professionals, giving you the opportunity to start getting some answers without making a commitment. While divorce issues involving family law can be lengthy and emotionally draining, with a qualified litigator at your side throughout the process you will have the support you need to make the transition into a new life with your family.

Because no two situations are alike, it is important to talk to a family law attorney about your particular situation before getting started. Plus, family law is ambiguous by its very nature, giving judges the latitude they need to make case-specific rulings when children are involved.

Make sure you are protected according to the law and call an Everett family law attorney from our office today. Your children’s future is one of your highest concerns, so make sure that the choices you make are serving their best interests and that your legal rights are acknowledged.

Everett Family Law Attorneys Fight To Protect You, Your kids, and your assets.

Everett family law attorneys and Washington State divorce lawyers.

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A Dependable, Experienced Everett Family law Attorney

If you’re currently facing a Snohomish County or Everett family law matter, questions have probably begun hammering your mind, but if you haven’t found the right Everett divorce and family law attorney yet, you’ve probably had very few solid answers.

How will family law affect your children? Who’s going to live in the house? Who’s going to pay the mortgage? Washington State family law is complex and sometimes counter-intuitive and difficult to understand without the aid of a good Everett family law lawyer. With time passing rapidly, no information, and no progress being made, your uncertainties can build to the point of becoming overwhelming.

An Everett family law attorney who cares about you

Don’t let the pain, fears, and grief that erupt at this highly emotional moment paralyze you. A Everett family law attorney from our firm is available to help you through this situation. We realize that this is a difficult, traumatic transition for you and understand that the decision to end a marriage impacts your life and others, not just financially, but emotionally. Our Everett divorce attorneys strive to appreciate your needs and we aim to do more than just get you through the process of a Snohomish County divorce or family law case. The attorneys with our firm hope to help you find peace and move on with your life.

An Everett family law attorney who speaks your language

The decision to reach out for help from one of our experienced Everett family law attorneys is one of the best choices you could make in your “dissolution of marriage” action, the legal name for a Everett family law. Attorneys from our offices speak your language. Our family law lawyers understand that the process of ending a marriage is traumatic and confusing enough.

The last thing you need is a dismissive Everett divorce lawyers who cuts you out of the loop, makes decisions you don’t understand, or spends your valuable time discoursing on the finer legal points of Everett family law. The attorneys here won’t drown you in legalese and leave you wondering about important details of your family law case.

Our Everett divorce and family law attorneys know Everett family law and we know how best to ensure that you understand the process you’re about to go through in your Everett family law. Attorneys with our firm believe that the more you understand about what is happening to you, the less uncertainty and worry you’ll suffer. You can trust an Everett family law attorney with this firm to provide you with honest, reliable, understandable advice on your crucial questions about Washington State divorce law issues, like temporary and permanent child custody, child support, community and separate property rights, spousal maintenance (alimony) and allocation of marital debts and assets.

An Everett family law attorney for all stages of your family law case

When your case starts, you need an Everett divorce attorney who’s willing to move fast to stabilize your situation by seeking “orders for temporary relief” on crucial issues like child custody and support, the use of your home and vehicles, payment of your ongoing bills, and even temporary spousal maintenance or alimony. Temporary court orders may be required by your children’s schools or your banks, once they discover a family law is imminent.

These orders last only during the pendency of your Everett family law.

Attorneys also need to be thorough. The Everett family law attorneys with our firm will leave no stone unturned when it comes to discovering assets and issues that affect your family law. We’ll help you get a clear picture of your affairs and ensure that you understand what to expect and what kind of demands can reasonably be made in your

Everett family law. An attorney from our firm can be counted on to advise you fully and give dependable recommendations on permanent issues, like child parenting plans, community property rights, separate property rights, allocating marital debts, and permanent spousal maintenance or alimony.

Our Everett divorce lawyers won’t waste your time or money. The Washington State family law attorneys with our firm know that you don’t need unnecessary stress and unduly high legal fees over matters that have no business in court. When we handle your Everett family law, the attorney you choose from our firm will give you reliable advice on when to negotiate and when to fight, because we want what’s best for you and your children. Our Everett divorce and family law attorneys are proud to offer exceptional negotiation skills and innovative solutions that produce results often more favorable than those available in court.

On the other hand, if your spouse refuses to negotiate fairly, we will not compromise your interests in the name of reaching an “easy” settlement. Where appropriate, we will act swiftly to move matters into court, and we will fight aggressively for your rights. Our Snohomish County divorce attorneys know family law, we know our family law courts, and when we head to court, we plan to win.

Our Everett divorce attorneys will continue helping you after your family law case is completed, if you need absolutely anything related to your case and your final orders. We’ll refer you to useful outside services and community resources that can help implement and give meaning to the rights you were awarded in your Everett family law. The attorneys with our firm will also help you through this difficult period in any way possible. Our Everett divorce attorneys are there for you when you need them.

Call today to schedule an appointment with a truly compassionate and experienced Everett divorce lawyer!

Everett Family Law Attorneys and Washington State Divorce Lawyers.

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Effective Everett family law attorneys and divorce lawyers.

Helping divorce clients in Snohomish County, WA.

Experienced Everett divorce attorneys.

We are Everett family law lawyers and Washington State divorce attorneys serving all of Snohomish County, Washington.

Our Everett family law attorneys and Snohomish County divorce lawyers take great pride in their ability to skillfully and effectively resolve difficult and complex domestic relations matters for our clients. We do by blending a thorough understanding of Washington State family law, understanding our client’s needs, and pursuing them with a dedicated work ethic that is focused on the best interests of our clients and their children.

Our Everett, WA family attorneys have extensive experience and are effective negotiators and trial attorneys. We are very passionate about our work and driven to continually seek and achieve the best possible results for those who put their trust in us. Our staff is a dedicated team of legal professional with extensive experience in handling complicated Washington divorce and family law matters.

Our Snohomish County divorce and family law attorneys approach every case from unique angles because no two family situations are exactly alike. And while we hope at the onset of every case that it can be resolved through cooperation and skillful negotiation; our primary focus is always our client and achieving the most beneficial and appropriate resolution for them and their kids.

Our Everett family law lawyers are dedicated to their craft and committed to serving our client’s needs in whatever way is necessary to help them meet their goals. If it is necessary to use the courtroom to achieve these goals, we will not hesitate to do so. We’re here to minimize your stress while efficiently and cost-effectively ensuring that you are protected at every turn.

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Everett Family Law Attorneys and You

Our Everett divorce lawyers have years of experience successfully representing clients in a wide variety of cases covered by the term, Everett family law. In Snohomish County, family law controversies may involve divorce (dissolution of marriage), legal separation, annulments, pre-marital agreements, post-nuptial agreements, community property and separate property distributions, unmarried or same-sex couples, child custody, parenting plans, child support, grandparent visitation, third-party visitation, child protection, adoptions, and a variety of other matters that might touch the concerns of your family.

Everett family law is no mere part-time gig for the lawyers with our firm. Our family law attorneys have chosen to practice this area of the law because they enjoy being able to help people successfully cope with these extremely sensitive, sometimes overwhelming situations. Our Everett divorce lawyers understand that our clients count on us to help clarify their legal positions and to act effectively and efficiently in representing their interests. We maintain an open line of communication with our Everett family law clients, developing trust and mutual understanding, as your case progresses.

Washington State Family Law is Both Flexible and Unpredictable

In the state of Washington, family law matters are governed by statutes (laws enacted by the state legislature) and caselaw (decisions by appeals courts, which interpret the meaning of statutes). This body of Washington State family law provides certain guiding principles that must be followed in family law cases in Everett, but not necessarily hard-and-fast rules.

Family law case facts are as variable as the families that come before the court, and so, Washington’s family law statutes leave a great deal of room for interpretation. Everett family law judges are called upon to decide many issues based on what is fair, just, appropriate, or in the best interests of a person who is subject to the court’s power. Results are crafted to suit the case at hand in the Everett family law court.

Where parties can cooperate together for a common purpose, this leeway in Washington State divorce and family law offers a great deal of flexibility to create settlement agreements with terms that can closely suit your life needs. On the other hand, when you have to deal with someone who won’t be reasonable, Everett family law leaves a great deal of discretion in the individual family law judge who decides your contested family law case. Results can vary from case to case, judge to judge, and they even change over time, making the outcome of your Everett family law case somewhat unpredictable.

Snohomish County Divorce Lawyers with Negotiation Expertise

Our Everett family law attorneys know from experience that reasonable negotiation, combined with strategic trips to court, usually produces an outcome most beneficial to our clients in the majority of family law controversies in Everett. Family law attorneys with our firm care about your long-term goals and your life after you’ve passed this hurdle.  Particularly where children are involved, litigation where it is unnecessary may cause further harm to relationships, without any corresponding benefit.

One of our Everett divorce attorneys will counsel you on a number of ways that you can take advantage of the flexibility in Washington State family law, through the crafting of innovative settlement agreements, whether they relate to property distributions, child custody parenting plans, or your other Everett family law needs. The Everett divorce and family law lawyers we employ are often able to use our negotiation expertise to produce results that suit your ultimate goals more closely than the remedies you could obtain from a Snohomish County family law court commissioner or judge.

Aggressive Court Litigation in Snohomish County Family Law Court

Attorneys with our firm know how to handle the potential for uncertainty created by Everett family law statutes and caselaw, the procedural rules, the evidence rules, the local court systems, and even the unique requirements of individual judges in the Everett family law court arena. Our experienced Everett family law attorneys have years of practice experience with Everett family law and Everett family courts, and we continue to study, attend frequent seminars, and follow new developments in Everett family law.

The attorneys we employ are aggressive Everett family law litigators, and we move swiftly to take charge of situations where reasonable negotiations have failed.  Our goal is to harness every tool we have at our command, to bring more certainty to your experience in Everett’s family law courts.

Finding Help with an Everett Family Law Problem

When you’re facing a Everett family law dispute of any sort, you need professional legal advice. No amount of reading online information about Everett family law can give you hard and fast answers about what is appropriate or what is likely to result in your individual case. Knowledgeable, experienced Everett family law attorneys with our firm are available now to meet with you, hear your story, and provide reliable legal opinions and advice that fit your situation.

Call today, schedule a consultation with one of our Everett family law attorneys, and take the first step toward regaining control of your Everett family law situation!

Everett Family Law Lawyers and Washington State Divorce Attorneys.


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When you are faced with hard choices, make sure you’re getting legal counsel from a qualified Everett divorce attorney.

The divorce process is essentially about making decisions – life-altering decisions about your property, your finances, and your children. Some aspects of an Everett divorce are more common than others and include the division of property, custody and support of children, and alimony.

It is common during a divorce for contentious situations to arise over some or all of these issues, which could lead to conflict between you and your Everett spouse. However, our Everett divorce lawyers try to keep emotions from boiling over, so that the decision making process remains fluid.

A divorce can cause a great deal of emotional strain on adults and children alike, but your Everett divorce attorney will approach your case with compassion and honesty. We understand that the decisions you make during an Everett divorce are some of the toughest you will ever have to face, and you will be forced to confront questions like:

Because your divorce is unique, it requires personal attention and care from one of our Everett divorce lawyers.

Experienced, Aggressive, and Results Oriented.
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Protecting your legal rights is the top priority of your Everett divorce attorney.

At the heart of resolving your Everett divorce case is making good choices after determining a set of goals that you define as being most important. When you and your Everett attorney conduct negotiations with your spouse, these goals will act as a guide that leads us toward the finish line. If your spouse becomes confrontational and refuses to listen to reason, then we may have to consider other Everett divorce solutions that are more aggressive such as mediation or litigation.

Schedule an evaluation of your divorce case with one of our Everett lawyers.

Our Everett law firm offers a free case evaluation to anyone in need of advice for their divorce or family law issues. This consultation is cost-free and there is no obligation financially or expectation of commitment.

If, after your private consultation, you wish to retain one of our Everett divorce lawyers they will work with you throughout the divorce process, and lend a helping hand as you make the transition into your new life.

Jason S. Newcombe

The Law Offices of Jason S. Newcombe has been handling Washington State divorce and family law cases for over two decades now. And, we understand how every divorce affects our clients on the deepest and most personal level. Jason is passionate about his work, and he genuinely cares about his clients and the results that he achieves for them. All of the Washington State divorce attorneys that work with Jason and his team are exceptional lawyers who pride themselves on being results oriented and cost effective.  Jason has been an over achiever for most of his life.  As an undergraduate, he accomplished a quadruple major while attending the University of Oregon Honors College.  He then graduated summa cum laude (Top 5%) from Boston College Law School. Read Bio