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No one walks down the aisle thinking that one day their marriage will end in divorce.  But, it happens in even the best of situations.  And, regardless of the circumstances, the process is often emotionally devastating and psychologically draining.  This is especially true when there are children involved.  Our Bellevue divorce and family law attorneys want you do know that you have very important legal rights and options when it comes to dissolving your marriage.

Our divorce and family law attorneys have decades of combined experience handling Washington State and King County family law matters.  In addition to all divorce cases, we also handle all family law matters, including but not limited to the following:

When a Bellevue marriage begins to suffer there is often hoping that it can be saved, but when problems prove insurmountable then divorce might be the only option.  A divorce is more than a just a separation, it is an opportunity to reconcile disputes according to Washington divorce law before both parties go their own directions.  Before entering into any divorce, it’s important to get reliable legal information from qualified Bellevue divorce lawyers who have your best interests in mind.

You will need to consider how a divorce will affect you and your children, both on an emotional and financial level.  As obstacles arise during your King County divorce, you will be forced to make decisions that will have far reaching implications for your entire family.  Those choices are made easier when you know that you are getting solid legal counsel from one of our Bellevue divorce attorneys.

It’s common when considering a divorce to have questions such as:

Our Bellevue attorneys realize that no two divorce situations are ever the same, and that your case will require personalized care and attention.  We also value the importance of building a relationship with our clients based on trust, so that you can be certain our Bellevue divorce lawyers are providing you with reliable counsel.

Your divorce lawyer will seek to help you throughout negotiations with your spouse, so that you can reach agreements even on the most contentious of issues.  If a situation arises where an impasse is met, then we will seek alternative methods for resolving the issue.

If you are separated and a family law issue arises, our Bellevue divorce attorneys can help.

At times, separated couples face family law issues that are unrelated to the divorce process.  These can include issues of paternity, spousal maintenance modifications, or situations where one parent wishes to move away from Bellevue to another state.  Obviously, you will want to get assistance from a qualified Bellevue family law attorney when any of these issues come up.

We offer a free case initial 15-minute case evaluation by phone to all of our potential Bellevue clients, whether they are considering a divorce or face a serious family law issue.  We want you to have the information you need in order to properly evaluate your decision in terms of how best to move forward with your divorce or family law case. You can contact us today for your own free, confidential consultation, and one of our Bellevue divorce lawyers will help you get a better understanding of the law.

If you retain the services of one of our King County divorce professionals, they will be at your side helping you with your most difficult decisions throughout the divorce proceedings.

The City of Bellevue is an amazing place to live, to work, and to raise a family.

The City of Bellevue is a wonderful place to live. About the only thing that is kind of bad about it is the traffic. Otherwise, it’s amazing city with tons of great activities. One of our favorites is the Bellevue Botanical Garden, which is an urban refuge encompassing 53 acres of cultivated gardens, restored woodlands, and natural wetlands.

The Bellevue Downtown Park is another great place to visit. Another great attraction is the Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM), which is conveniently located right in the heart of downtown at 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004.

If you are looking for information about business or commerce in the City of Bellevue, we highly recommend the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce site, as well as the Bellevue Downtown Association. And, if you are looking to do business in the City of Bellevue, the Access Washington page on licensing is an excellent place to start.

A divorce is never easy.  Our King County divorce attorneys can help you through this difficult process.

Many people think that making the decision to file for a divorce is one of the hardest choices they will every make.  While true, the fact is that there are many other decisions that must be made once the divorce process has begun.  Washington State’s divorce laws are complicated. You need a skilled divorce attorney by your side.

Issues will arise that can only be negotiated with sound legal advice at your disposal, and these often include your entire family.  Making it even more difficult is the fact that divorce negotiations with your spouse may not always be amicable, as emotions often surface when sensitive subjects are brought up.

Handling these sensitive issues is made far easier when you have qualified Bellevue divorce lawyers providing you with legal counsel meant to make your decision making easier.  These choices can often affect you both emotionally and physically, and even exert influence throughout the rest of your life.

Our King County divorce attorneys have a firsthand knowledge of these challenges, and it is why they take a compassionate approach to every divorce case.  Your most important life decisions require personal attention, care, and accurate information, so that you can get reliable answers to your most pressing questions.

Our King County divorce lawyers seek to answer these questions by working diligently to resolve your case.  However, first we must determine what it best for you and your family by outlining a set of obtainable goals.

Take the first step by contacting one of our Bellevue divorce attorneys for a free consultation.

When important decisions come up, it’s vital that you have a relationship with your King County divorce professional that is based upon trust.  This trust is built throughout the divorce process as you work together to make choices that benefit your entire family.  If a situation arises where your spouse fails to respond to a fair offer, then our divorce lawyers will utilize their in-depth knowledge of the law to protect your interests.

Taking the first step can be the hardest, but our Washington State and King County divorce lawyers offer a free case evaluation that takes the risk out of getting started.  You can get some answers to your most important questions – real answers about your future and future’s of your children.

If you choose our law office to represent you, then you will have decades of combined experience fighting to protect your legal rights according to Washington State family law.

Our Bellevue divorce attorneys can help you work through the difficulties of a divorce.

Are you considering a Bellevue divorce but worried about your understanding of how the divorce process unfolds, and what will be required of you?  If so you’re not alone, and your concerns only reveal that you are worried about how a divorce will affect you and the rest of your family.  While it is impossible to get a glimpse into the future to see how your divorce case will be resolved, our Bellevue divorce lawyers can offer you honest legal information that will aid you in the decision making process.

Even when you are fully informed, deciding on a Bellevue divorce is one of the hardest choices you are ever likely to make.  Being prepared is essential if you want to meet your goals, and have solid footing when starting your new life in Bellevue.

Our skilled Washington State divorce attorneys have decades of combined experienced that they can offer you when difficult decisions present themselves.  You will have confidence in the choices you make when you are getting professional legal counsel from Bellevue lawyers who have been down the same road numerous times before.  This will make it far easier for you to make decisions on potentially contentious issues involving alimony, child custody, visitation, and property division.

How can our Bellevue divorce attorneys help you cope with the stress of a divorce?

When you work with one of our Bellevue divorce lawyers, you are actually in league with an entire team of Bellevue legal professionals.  We are dedicated Washington State family law litigators who will protect your rights while compassionately helping you take your first steps into a new life.  We understand that a Bellevue divorce can leave you feeling emotionally drained, so we take a personal approach that demands special care is taken with your emotional well being.

Oftentimes people in Bellevue think that they can navigate the divorce process on their own, without any help from an experienced legal professional.  They may find bits of information online or get advice from friends who have been through a divorce in the past.  Sadly, these efforts can negatively affect them in ways they can barely imagine, especially if they are unaware of their rights when making tough choices only to find out too late that they had better options.

Hard choices are part of the divorce negotiation process, and our experienced Bellevue divorce lawyers can help you ensure that your decisions are the best that they can be for your entire family.

Contact our Bellevue divorce and family law offices for a free and confidential 15-minute initial divorce consultation today.  This free divorce case evaluation will help you plan for a brighter future, and take much of the guesswork out of how you should proceed.

Get help planning a new path for your future with help from our Bellevue divorce attorneys.

Once the decision is made to get a divorce, many more decisions will have to be made that will affect you and your Bellevue family for the rest of your lives.  Issues like child custody, alimony, child support, and property division are some of the more common elements of a Bellevue divorce.  These are sensitive issues, and because both parties have their own opinions about how they should be resolved, divorce negotiations can often become emotionally draining.

There are many situations during a divorce when help from qualified Bellevue divorce lawyers is not only beneficial, but essential.  Sensitive divorce issues require an in-depth legal knowledge, combined with experience that will prove useful when difficult choices have to be made.

With decades of combined legal experience, our Bellevue divorce lawyers are well aware of the emotional turmoil that a divorce often causes.  By taking a compassionate approach to every divorce case, our Bellevue divorce attorneys help clients face difficult questions so that they can be resolved.

You likely have a many questions concerning your own Bellevue divorce.  For this reason, you need to talk to experienced Bellevue divorce lawyers who will give your situation the focus that it deserves.

Before making a choice, talk to one of our Bellevue divorce attorneys with no risk or obligation.

Your Bellevue attorney will be helping you make some of the most important decisions you will ever face – decisions that will affect your entire family.  Obviously, your choice of Bellevue lawyer will heavily influence how your divorce is resolved.

When you retain one of our Bellevue divorce professionals they immediately focus on your needs, so that a set of goals can be clearly defined.  From there, our divorce lawyers focus on making those goals a reality by keeping you focused throughout negotiations with your spouse and their attorney.  If your spouse refuses to treat you fairly, then we will aggressively defend your legal interests as outlined according to Washington family law.

You can talk to one of our Bellevue divorce lawyers today without risk or obligation by taking advantage of our offer for a free case evaluation.  You will be free to ask our Bellevue divorce professionals about any details of your situation, and they will help guide you toward a better understanding of the law.

Your future might seem uncertain, but you can start bringing your future into clearer focus today by contacting one of our Bellevue attorneys about your divorce or family law issues.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our Bellevue divorce website.  We hope that you will find it both helpful and informative.  We are Bellevue divorce attorneys and King County family law lawyers.  Few things in life are as disruptive and overwhelming as facing a Washington State divorce.  Our King County divorce lawyers are here to help.

If you are seeking advice and useful information from a Bellevue divorce lawyer, we encourage you to call our offices for an initial consultation.  One of Bellevue family law attorneys will be happy to review the basic facts of your case and help you to understand your legal rights and obligations.  Our Washington State divorce lawyers serve clients throughout King County.

Experienced and aggressive Bellevue divorce attorneys fighting for you!

If you are a Bellevue resident considering a divorce, you have many difficult decisions to make, and one of the first should be your choice of a Bellevue divorce attorney.  Most people don’t know what to expect from a “dissolution of marriage” action, the name given to divorce under Washington State statutory divorce law.  Consultation with an experienced divorce and family law attorney can help clarify your situation, determine the issues that apply in your case, and simplify many of the emotional decisions and transitions to be made in your divorce.

You may wonder if help from a Bellevue divorce attorney is necessary. Some people do opt to represent themselves in a Bellevue divorce, usually trying to save money.  They may buy forms, or use online help websites, online forms, or advice from clerks or paralegals, who may help fill out forms.  Unfortunately, when legal questions arise, those without a Bellevue divorce attorney can be left in the dark.  They can make mistakes that are more expensive to fix further down the road, mistakes that could have been avoided with advice from an experienced Washington State divorce lawyer.

Washington State’s divorce laws are complicated and often confusing.

Our Bellevue divorce attorneys are here to help.

Divorce laws address complex situations, they vary from state to state, and each state’s laws are unique.  Washington State’s divorce laws include statutes and case law decided by the state’s appeals courts.  In addition, your divorce rights may depend on Washington State laws that are not even classified as “divorce” laws, like those relating to real property ownership, estate planning, or probate law, among others. Federal laws and multi-state “uniform” laws can also impact your final results.

A seasoned Washington State divorce attorney can explain how this complex web of laws affects your specific divorce issues, like property division, assignment of marital debt, alimony/spousal maintenance, child custody, visitation, and child support, among others. Paralegals and clerks cannot lawfully give you this kind of legal advice; the law only allows licensed Bellevue divorce lawyers to answer questions about your individual situation.

Online help sites usually deal only with general divorce principles and hypothetical situations, not the kind of Bellevue-specific guidance and know-how available from an experienced Bellevue divorce attorney.

Our Bellevue divorce lawyers understand what your divorce means to you and your family on a personal level.

A good Bellevue divorce attorney knows that you are not a hypothetical problem to be solved.  You are a real person, and the final resolution of your case will be of the utmost importance to your future happiness.  It takes years of training and practice for your Bellevue divorce and family law lawyer to become familiar with all of the laws impacting that final resolution.  Why spend time trying to duplicate that effort, especially at a time that will probably be one of the most difficult periods of your life?

In fact, you may benefit from consulting with a Bellevue divorce lawyer before you separate from your spouse.  Why would you want to see a lawyer first? Even before you separate, a Bellevue family law lawyer can explain how your choices now may affect your divorce case later.  Your decision to divorce may have results that you haven’t considered or foreseen.

An experienced Bellevue divorce attorney can point out factors that may affect your decision to seek a divorce.  Your spouse may already be seeking legal advice, and your consultation with a Bellevue divorce attorney can prepare you to handle your situation, come what may.

Don’t take a chance with something this important.

Protect yourself, your children, and your assets.

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If knowledge is power, then obtaining the professional guidance of a King County divorce and family law lawyer can help you to shape realistic divorce goals and give you the power to obtain them.  Your Bellevue divorce attorney will tell you when it is in your best interest to settle an issue by agreement and when you should contest one in court.  If you are forced into court by an unreasonable spouse, only a licensed Bellevue divorce lawyer can appear with you in court to protect your interests.  Even when your divorce is over, your Bellevue divorce attorney will work to ease your transition to a different lifestyle.

If a Bellevue divorce might be in your future, call today and schedule a consultation with an experienced Bellevue divorce attorney.  Whether you have already separated or you’re still at home, whether you expect an agreed divorce or you expect a fight, you deserve to have the answers you need to make intelligent decisions about your future.  A knowledgeable Bellevue family law attorney can address your individual circumstances and give you the kind of divorce help that you really need.

We are experienced, aggressive, and results-oriented divorce attorneys and family law lawyers. If you are facing a King County divorce or family law matter and have questions about your legal rights and options under Washington State’s divorce and family laws, we encourage you to call our offices for an initial consultation. One of our Bellevue divorce lawyers will be happy to review your case and then explain how we can help.


Are you looking for a Bellevue divorce attorney who can help you during this difficult time?

Sometimes a Bellevue marriage fails, and there is no other option other than divorce. While a divorce might seem like the definition of conflict, it is actually a chance for a Bellevue couple to reconcile disputes before going separate ways, using the law as a guideline. Before getting started with your divorce it’s essential that you get legal counsel from qualified Bellevue divorce lawyers, even if both parties appear to agree on most issues.

How a divorce will affect you both financially and emotionally needs to be considered, as does the emotional well being of your Bellevue children. When difficult issues arise during a Bellevue divorce you will need to make decisions that are in the best interests of your family. Those choices become simpler when you can be confident that you’re getting reliable legal counsel from your Bellevue divorce attorney.

Right now, you might be wondering:

Our lawyers understand that your situation is unique, and that your divorce will require personalized attention. Building an attorney – client relationship that is based upon trust is vital to success, and we consider this one of our law firm’s greatest assets.

Our Bellevue divorce lawyers will help you maintain focus during negotiations with your spouse, so that you have the best chance of resolving case peacefully. If an impasse arises and your spouse won’t see reason then we will find other, more aggressive, ways to seek a solution that could include litigation.

We have multiple King County offices to serve your family needs best. Our Seattle offices are conveniently located near the King County courthouse. Our Bellevue divorce and family law legal services offices are located in downtown Bellevue on NE 8th Ave.

From our Eastside divorce and family law legal services offices we proudly serve the cities of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish, Duvall, Carnation, Fall City, and North Bend. Get help now!

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Washington State Divorce Lawyers Serving Bellevue and the Entire Eastside

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Our Bellevue divorce and family law attorneys serve clients throughout the Eastside of King County. If you are looking for helpful information and answers regarding issues related to child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, property division and all other family law related matters, you’ve come to the right place.

Our family law attorneys have over forty years of combined legal experience handling difficult and complex family law matters. We provide experienced legal representation and counsel to handle all of your Bellevue family law questions.

In Bellevue, family law controversies that affect your family’s way of life may leave you feeling vulnerable and out of control, but our firm of knowledgeable Bellevue family law attorneys offers the expertise to reliably assist you with a full range of family law issues, including divorce (dissolution of marriage), legal separation, child custody, parenting plans, child support, parental visitation, pre-marital and post-nuptial agreements, all protection order, restraining order and domestic violence related matters, child protection, all division of property (division of assets and debts), community and separate property distributions, unmarried or same-sex couples, third-party visitation, or adoptions.

The divorce lawyers with our firm understand the importance of helping clients find their footing in the sensitive and uncertain family circumstances that pull them into disputes involving child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, relocation, and modifying existing orders. Our divorce attorneys have dedicated much of their careers to Washington divorce and family law, and each one of our lawyers utilizes the collective knowledge of all of our entire divorce team of legal professionals in order to protect what is most important to you: your children, your things, and your plans for the future.

From our King County Eastside family law offices we proudly serve the cities Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish, Duvall, Fall City, Carnation, North Bend, and Redmond.  Get help now!

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Washington State Family Law is Not Simple:

Our Bellevue Attorneys are Here to Help.

Difficult controversies can spring from a wide range of circumstances affecting the relationships in a Bellevue family. Laws passed by the legislature that attempt to address these varying family law conflicts are broad, but these wide-reaching legal standards are narrowed by hundreds of individual interpretations handed down by appeals courts, charged with deciding how Washington State’s divorce and family laws apply to individual cases and unique fact patterns. In fact, your results may also be swayed by current family law trends and even by the preferences of the King County judge assigned to your case.

Reliable results in your divorce case will depend largely on your lawyer’s ability to fit the circumstances of your case to the existing Washington State divorce and family law statutes, case law, and other deciding factors known to your Bellevue family law attorney. Our experienced divorce attorneys can effectively evaluate and argue your most favorable position on legal points like the best interests of the children, where child custody decisions are necessary; whether it is appropriate under the circumstances, to award spousal maintenance (alimony); or issues like the fairness or equity of decisions about debt division or assignment of non-marital and division of marital property.

Familiarity with the complex web of Washington state divorce and family law comes only with dedicated study and practice. We never stop expanding their knowledge of Washington divorce and family law. The members of our firm continuously study and share information that might affect our family law clients, including new concepts arising in Washington and King County family law, local court experiences, and pertinent legal trends and developments nationwide.

You can take comfort in knowing that one of our Eastside divorce attorneys is a knowledgeable and effective advocate, who always puts your best interests first. Our divorce attorneys proudly serve all Eastside King County cities, including Sammamish, Duvall, Fall City, Carnation, Kirkland, Issaquah, North Bend, and Redmond. Get help now!

Effective Resolutions for all Bellevue Cases

Our pursuit of ever-expanding Washington State family law knowledge allows us to offer a wide array of innovative plans for resolving family law issues that have traditionally been difficult to address, along with comprehensive, forward-thinking solutions to commonplace family law problems. We won’t simply offer you a textbook answer; one of our divorce attorneys can provide you with multiple solutions for any problem involving family law here in King County.

Our divorce attorneys find it beneficial to approach almost every case looking first for possible points of agreement. Whether a few issues can be agreed or entire cases can be settled, we know that negotiating a settlement agreement is likely to benefit you more than pushing your case immediately into litigation as a contested case.

Litigation is expensive for you, and unlike many other law firms with similar resources and experience, we actually assume that you’d rather not pay unnecessary legal fees. Highly contested or “scorched earth” cases also create avoidable stress for both you and your children, along with needless feelings of ill-will and points of contention that can bootstrap your efforts to heal your family, when the dust has settled in your case.

Our approach to every case is also designed to maximize your legal benefit. Most people don’t realize it, but the Bellevue family law attorneys with our firm can provide you with far more options via a carefully crafted settlement agreement than a King County Superior Court judge can offer you at trial. The Washington State and King County divorce courts are limited to ordering, at most, the minimal protections provided by Washington State divorce and family law statutes and case law, but most of your legal rights can be creatively and legally expanded, by mutual agreement of the parties.

Our attorneys are skilled advocates when it comes to designing agreements that precisely address your needs. We have found that most of the cases settled by agreement tend to stay settled, saving clients the need for repeated returns to King County family court. On the other hand, the divorce attorneys in our group are proficient litigators, who will campaign vigorously on your behalf, if yours is a case where your spouse simply refuses to be reasonable and do what is in the best interests of your children.

When your opposing party is not the agreeable type, we swiftly employ our considerable litigation experience to utilize the power of the King County divorce court in your favor. Our family law attorneys will promptly procure appropriate temporary court orders from the King County divorce and family court, to protect your immediate concerns, and we will aggressively pursue the maximum long-term benefit that our local family law court can bestow on you and your family members through permanent orders in your case. Choosing a Bellevue attorney with our firm is a great first move toward taking charge of your case.

Call us today to schedule a meeting with an attorney who listens first and knows how to maximize your legal benefit!

Do you live in the city of Bellevue, Washington? Are you facing a King County divorce? Are you in the middle of a Bellevue family law matter that involves child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, or property division? If so, our lawyers are here to help. Talk to a Bellevue family attorney today!

Our lawyers proudly serve the Entire Greater Eastside of King County, including Issaquah, North Bend, Sammamish, Duvall, Fall City, Carnation, Redmond, and Kirkland. Get your family law questions answered now!

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Sometimes issues arise that are not part of a divorce yet still fall under the category of family law. These issues often include situations where one parent wants to move out of state, requests a modification of support, or has questions involving paternity. These problems are very serious and should be discussed with an experienced Bellevue family law attorney.

All of our Bellevue neighbors are eligible for a free case evaluation for any divorce or other family law situation. You can contact us today and schedule your own free consultation so that you can talk to one of our Bellevue divorce lawyers confidentially and pressure-free.

When you retain one of our Bellevue legal professionals they will be there with you throughout the divorce process, lending you a guiding hand when you need it most.

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Jason S. Newcombe

The Law Offices of Jason S. Newcombe has been handling Washington State divorce and family law cases for over two decades now. And, we understand how every divorce affects our clients on the deepest and most personal level. Jason is passionate about his work, and he genuinely cares about his clients and the results that he achieves for them. All of the Washington State divorce attorneys that work with Jason and his team are exceptional lawyers who pride themselves on being results oriented and cost effective.  Jason has been an over achiever for most of his life.  As an undergraduate, he accomplished a quadruple major while attending the University of Oregon Honors College.  He then graduated summa cum laude (Top 5%) from Boston College Law School. Read Bio