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When most people think of a divorce they imagine two parties in a mortal feud, waging war over property and child custody issues. The truth is that many couples are looking for a more amicable solution and even though no divorce is ever “easy,” there are alternatives to the aforementioned “messy” divorce. Indeed, when both parties are willing to agree, and want to maintain a friendship after the process is over for the sake of their kids, an uncontested divorce might be their best option.

If you would like to find out more about this option you should talk to one of our legal professionals today about your particular circumstances. If you and your spouse are willing to negotiate your differences peacefully then it is likely this option will be appealing. Still, our experience indicates that sometimes issues can arise unexpectedly that can cause the situation to deteriorate, and it’s times like these that it helps to have a divorce lawyer in Washington State keeping you on task.

When issues like child custody, child support, or division of property become part of a discussion, emotions can get in the way of good intentions. Someone from our law firm is ready to help you during these difficult times by renewing your focus on what is really important. Also, our Washington State uncontested divorce lawyers will help you keep your emotions from boiling over in ways that interfere with your goals of reaching a peaceful agreement. In this way our Washington State amicable divorce attorneys act as an advocate for your priorities, and a trusted ally.

If you are hoping to save time and money by filing your negotiated or “uncontested” divorce in Washington State, our attorneys are here to help. Regardless of whether your case is very simple and straightforward, or extremely complicated in terms of assets and division of property, pensions and retirement accounts, child custody and child support issues, or spousal support and maintenance issues, we have the resources and experience to ensure that your divorce is handled properly.

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There are two sound reasons for seeking an amicable divorce: It is a cost effective way to handle your personal affairs, and you have complete control over the outcome. This is important if you want to maintain a friendship with your ex-spouse, for the sake of your children or any other reason. Our Washington State amicable divorce attorneys will ensure that your wishes are acknowledged by the court when they file on your behalf.

Our Washington State uncontested divorce attorneys understand how important your family is to you and that you want to act in their best interests. We offer compassionate counsel based on the law, so that we can help you reach the desired outcome painlessly and efficiently.

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